Each difficulty that is overcome is a force that one masters.

Group sessions

09 - 10 h
09.30 - 10.45 h09.30 - 10.45 h
18 - 19.30 h18 - 19.30 h18 - 19.30 h18 - 19.30 h19 - 20.30 h
19.40 - 21.10 h
Level 2*
19.40 - 21.10 h19.40 - 21.10 h
19.40 - 21.10 h

* *To attend this session a minimum of 3 years of practice is required and/or to be able to perform all Level 1 positions and foundational exercises correctly and with minimum effort. Trainees allowed to attend Level 2 sessions will be duly informed. 


• It is essential to arrive 5 minutes before the session starting time.

• For hygienic reasons, please bring a towel if you tend to perspire during practice.

• It is advisable not to eat solid food for at least two hours prior to the session.

• In case of not being able to attend, you can make up any session within the same month, subject to availability.

• Payments are due monthly, as to the 10th of each month.

• Prior consultation by mail to is essential due to limited capacity.

Individual sessions


We offer personalized work, organized according to the specific necessities and possibilities of each individual.


Development of psychophysical exercise programs aimed at the acquisition of techniques specifically designed to optimize the adaptive, defensive and survival capacity (homeostasis: internal balance) of the person in relation to himself and to the environment (social and ecological).


We seek to intervene, through word and action, in the affectation and intermodulation that occurs between the different organic systems (brain –mind – behavior, nervous, endocrine, and immunological) and its clinical implications. Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology.


We generate an active therapeutic process with special emphasis on the empowerment of the individual through the use of practical strategies, actions and methods that seek to reduce the degree of vulnerability of the organism at both psychic and physical levels.

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