Anthropotechnics: “the methods of mental and physical practicing by which humans from the most diverse cultures have attempted to optimize their cosmic and immunological status in the face of vague risks of living and acute certainties of death.”

— Peter Sloterdijk

It is, then, the man who exercises, who works with self-discipline; it is about life as an exercise of overcoming, of strengthening, of abandoning the passivity that makes us sick and the repetitions that determine it.


The Anthropotechnic sides with those who listen to the voice that tells them they can change, with those who do not settle for the inertia of suffering, with those who try to make themselves better, with those who, finally, follow the imperative of not continuing in the same way and transforming. Doing something better is feeling better, and stopping life from being a fight to the death purely for prestige.

Man, as the being who is potentially better than himself and puts his life into his own hands.

—Self-therapeutic empowerment

Life-long practice, experimenting, exercising life.

Technique, as the application of sets composed of specific strategies, coordinated practices, and orderly and methodical actions, all oriented to the transformation of a passive subject who realizes the possibility of becoming active by directing his will in pursuit of it.


Metamorphosis. Praxis.


The good in life, has to be made.

The path that leads us to ourselves, which takes place in the whole body.

Anthropotechnic is life practice.

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